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Dying on the Vine

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byRobert Warrington
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Fumbling for the key
I saw you walking through the wall
I know you don’t think much of me
You don’t think of me at all
Dawn has teeth and claws
There’s rainwater in the wine
Rain’s got dirty paws
Morning’s dying on the vine

Well I fell into a grave
When the roses were in bloom
Then I woke up in a cave
In the mountains of the moon
And the birds refuse to sing
And the stars refuse to shine
And I’m waiting in the wings
As things are dying on the vine

I see your face in every place
In the children in the tree
Last time I really saw your face
Was one million years BC
When the only kind of phone
Was a landline
And the world was made of stone
And I was dying on the vine

"Dying on the Vine"
by Robert Warrington

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