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Graffiti Wall

uploaded: Sat, Feb 27, 2021 @ 2:45 PM
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The vibe in the 90’s was just magical, before social media, before 99% of people even had mobile phones, Before you could google anything, the world was still such a mysterious place, every day was a new adventure, everybody had their own unique style and vibe since nobody was copying what they seen on social media everybody was more creative and less influenced it was so pure, going to a new area or city truly was an adventure you never knew what kind of people you would meet or places you would see, Your homie would give you a tape with new artists you never heard of, you had no idea who it was but it sounded fire, Nowdays with social media, smart phones and google, the world is now so small, that sense of adventure and mystery is no more, most people are sheep, and every city you go to everybody walks talks and looks the same. I feel blessed to have grew up in the 90’s, The feeling and vibe was truly something else.

"Graffiti Wall"
by Robbero

2021 - Licensed under
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