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A Foxes Gift

uploaded: Thu, Aug 11, 2022 @ 11:09 AM
FeaturingRobert & The Lovely ladies
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I have what I like to call, a natures garden. It is full of various plants and bushes and trees and at its core is a large lawn outside the dining room that meanders its way from the patio to the row of trees standing guard at the bottom. Most of the plants are what you would call weeds yet they still bear beautiful flowers in various colours. We also have resident foxes who I like to think enjoy the garden because of its natural approach to horticulture. Unfortunately they have a total disregard of convention when it comes to their toilet habits as they just happily defficate everywhere. This in turn brings in various species of flies who are happy to gorge themselves on the stuff and lay their eggs amongst it all. I live with this as a small price to pay for having the foxes but I draw the line when the flies come inside. It is here that they meet the fly spray and pass on to the Bugs Graveyard.

Many thanks to Rob for his wonderfull poem which I have taken the liberty to rephrase. Also if you are of a mind you can get his book of poems, “Poems Of Fear And Desire” on Kindle for a very reasonable price!

"A Foxes Gift"
by Radioontheshelf

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