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Noah And The Old Man

uploaded: Sat, May 14, 2022 @ 3:36 AM
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As a child I lived for a few years in a small Wiltshire village called Colerne. Living in the village in a run down cottage was an old man who professed to all that he was Noah reincarnated. At the back of his house was a pile of wood and rubbish that he told everyone was the New Ark he was about to build. As children we were frightened but at the same time in awe of him. We would sometimes creep into his garden to see how the Ark building was going. It wasn’t. The pile of wood just remained a pile of wood. Seeing us he would shout biblical obscenities and we would retire to a safe distance and throw stones at him. As old men do he died. The cottage remained empty for many years until it was bought and rebuilt. The cottage took on a wonderful appearence but no matter how hard the new owners tried they could not stop the pipes from bursting.

He bought the wood he bought the nails
He came home to his house in the vale
And in the dark he would work and toil
Building as directed a true son of the soil
And from on high he heard the words
Move a little faster if you want to be heard
It was an offer he couldn’t refuse
He had been choosen from all the abused

The days went quickly and the time soon approached
When he would call all the animals into the boat
Big and small fat and thin
He ‘d try and manage to squeeze them all in
His wife she asked him why he had been picked
To save mankind on this DIY ship
He couldn’t answer he hadn’t a clue
But he was gratefull that’s all he knew

And the rain came down and the Ark did float
And all the naysayers shouted “let us in the boat”
But it was never gonna happen so they drifted away
And it stayed like this for over 300 days
Then God remembering Noah made the waters subside
And Noah and his family were the ones who survived
Now I don’t care no I don’t mind
For I’m a son of Noah the father of mankind.

"Noah And The Old Man"
by Radioontheshelf

2022 - Licensed under
Creative Commons
Attribution Noncommercial (3.0)

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