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Adams Bolero

uploaded: Sat, Apr 2, 2022 @ 4:02 AM
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Even in the quietist of valleys there is still violence in the air. It hangs above us, invisible, awaiting the catalyst that will allow it to scorch the earth. We know it is there because it has damaged us before and with a sad inevitabilty it will damage us again. Even Mr Smith with all his glory slapped the face that held the Rock.

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There’s a fish at the bottom of the ocean it has eyes but has never seen the light
It just keeps swimming in the waters and searching for the meaning to its blacked out life
And there are men who sit in judgement of all that’s right and all that’s wrong
Calculating comments with a jaundiced eye so weak but trying to be strong

Their hands are tied with satin cords they wear blinkers when they’re out on the street
They want to be true to themselves but they’re led by the fear of reaping defeat
So they sit crossed legged arms folded head down oblivious to human decay
Waiting for a plate piled high with answers hoping it will come their way

It’s a sad day here at the edge of the world watching videos of humans in pain
Buildings in pieces possesions in the street so much lost but so little gained
Someone once said we are a species apart the highest form of life you could meet
We’ve created so much but in the process lost touch with the very thing that made us unique

Adam said to God I’m a hell of guy I have a vision that will make you proud
But he raised two sons one of whom cried out when his brother put him under a shroud
It was early days but violence was formed and its been with us for a million years
No going back it’s always attack and it’s always going to end in tears

"Adams Bolero"
by Radioontheshelf

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