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uploaded: Wed, Mar 9, 2022 @ 1:10 PM
FeaturingJavolenus and the frightened child
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Putin believes he is justified in all that he does. He is the saviour of Mother Russia. The hero of his people. The avenger of his predecesors. The man for whom destiny awaits. The glorious one. The angel of redemption for all. In truth he is none of these and history will record him as the man who has put the world into its darkest hours.

The Kharkiv’s Hippocrates Care Centre in Ukraine was home to severley handicapped children. It was one of the first buildings to be bombed.

Putin, hang your head in shame.

I came I saw I scorched the earth the sky the people
I was proud of my intent a devlish plan a shining beacon
A past that worked so well to teach me how to be unfeeling
You know with all my twisted ways I would send the senses reeling

Let me now introduce myself a wretched creature from the cold wars game
Watch me now as I justify all the evil I can muster in my gods name
See me take the beautiful and split its heart rip it apart whilst feigning concern
I am a man whose frozen dreams are nothing more than whats between the Devil and a hard place

When dust has settled and the bones washed clean the very metal I reign down is gold
I offer hope and sanctuary whilst bringing you to your beliefs that I am your one God
Don’t be fooled by my persona now non gratis I will always be the man for you

No mans an island no shoreline a byline waiting for that friendly smile
The boys the girls with memories burned will crowd on trains that leave for sheltered rooms but not theirs
There cannot be a wrong if all I do is justify the crooked smile a Gorbachev once showed me
But for now my teeth are poised to eat the heart and tear apart my lover Ukraine.
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