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Just Like Buster Keaton

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I have always considered myself more of a Buster Keaton than a Charlie Chaplin.

Either way I was always a clown.

I’ll be like Buster Keaton full of reckless pure ambition
Sliding through the doorway of your life
And I will not take rejection after all I am perfection
Or at least I was when dreaming here last night

You can throw away your hard face put your laughter back in its place
I am serious though still I wear a smile
I can offer you direction while you plan your insurrection
I’ve a camel coat to keep us warm at night

I’ll be like Buster Keaton a good General for your army
I will lead your future wishes with a smile
You can shake me up and offer, words that hurt and proffer
Move to the door you say while I’m beguiled

In the street I hear your door close I guess you’re removing all of your clothes
For your lover who is waiting for romance
He knows I am an old fool keeps his silence isn’t cruel
Though he could be if he thought I had a chance

So I’ll be like Buster Keaton take the money loose the freedom
Nearly end up in the rubbish bin of love
It’s a foolish game I’m playing but it’s your fault I keep hoping
As you throw me crumbs and plaudits from above

"Just Like Buster Keaton"
by Radioontheshelf

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