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All About The Skin

uploaded: Wed, Jun 24, 2020 @ 11:08 AM
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Racial conflict has spanned the globe since the first steps taken to leave The Great Rift Valley in Africa. In 1997 as a side trip to being on a safari I visited the place. It was a humbling experience though I suspect that most of the tourists had no idea of its significance in mans evolution. Since those far off days the human race became a people of those who have and those who do not. The fear of losing what we had struggled for left in our DNA a deep resistance to allow those who followed us to share in our spoils. This has continued through the generations and I believe is the deep rooted reason we struggle to accept black people as equals.

It is believed humans started evolving 6 million years ago but modern humans only around 200,000 years. Civilisation as we know it starting about 6,000 years and the industrial revolution starting only meaningfully in the 1800’s. With all this in mind it is a serious challenge to throw off millions of years of evolution and accept that we are all equal. But it is a challenge we must all face.

The man at number 27 has just taken delivery of a new car. Are we still equal in his eyes and mine?

Thanks again to Javolenus who has contributed some wonderful and inspirational stems.

From east to west and north to south
We pushed the edges to get out
Secured the daylight regained the sun
Spoke freely of all we have done

It doesn’t really matter now who is to blame
Its all about dignity not about shame
So come and tell me make it clear
If you know the way how we ended up here

Are you content to feel original sin
Packing all your baggage in an oversized grin
Speaking like a martyr shaking like a fool
Busting up a city and other peoples rules

So who loves attention when the party comes to town
Lock up all your daughters from a possible down
Strike out for the centre in any robe or gown
Noones gonna stop ya noone really cares

So rise up for the needy the lost and dispossesed
Those who walk in circles with very little left
Of the hope and aspiration believing in the words
But secretly suspecting the best has been heard
Never doubt the honesty of those who try to help
Even when their ideals get put back on the shelf
And remember to walk lightly and hold the truth within
Its not about the policies its all about the skin

"All About The Skin"
by Radioontheshelf

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