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The Man Who Couldn't Breathe

uploaded: Mon, Jun 8, 2020 @ 12:09 PM
FeaturingJ Lang
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How do you solve the problem if you don’t admit that it exists?

A small but tasty sample from J Lang that was the basis of the mix. Thanks!

Could be you could be me to start a revolution out on these streets
Cause and reason facts or lies a little bit of something is what we need in our lives

Crime and punishment left or right someone is shouting in the town tonight
Blood on the sidewalk smoke in the air a hint of dissension everywhere

Soft targets drowned in hate calibrating fairness by the length of the wait
Full performance everythings on show dancing for the masses with no place to go

Someone called on Jesus to lead the way but Jesus was in exile he felt he’d overstayed
And like that sad old movie we’d all watched the scene before we all knew the outcome heroes were restored

Rain gonna come falling down

In the gaps and the crevices where we have hid our shame no room for the righteous only dirt and stains
Now someones on the highway he’s taking all the blame for you and me and all the rest who try to stake our claim

And its common and perpetual on show over the years same old invitations to a table that is cleared
And someones shouting desperately trying to get free but he will be remembered as the man who could’t breathe

Rain gonna come falling down

"The Man Who Couldn't Breathe"
by Radioontheshelf

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