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uploaded: Tue, Feb 18, 2020 @ 12:20 PM
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Amy Winehouse was a troubled soul but with a voice that could take you to places you could only dream of.

I’m going down to Camden Town with my self esteem
Wrapped up in a paper bag full of broken dreams
Satisfied to easily hurt beyond dispair
Sanctified then criticised my soul needing repair
You wrecked my heart your phrasing spun a web of hidden joy
You were the girl from God knows where I was the silent boy

And rooms that filled to hear you sing pulsated with the sound
And magic filled the smoky room in good old Camden town
It was the breath of fortune checked by demons you had found

But for every shiny golden chord theres always darkened thoughts
And you took home more than your share you knew the end of course
The saddened eyes will still reprise the melodys you gave
You’re not the first won’t be the last it’s history all the way

And rooms…..

So let it rain let it pour let it rip our hearts
You had no choice, you had the voice our souls were torn apart
Far better now in knowing you far better than before
Lets raise a glass and toast the lass whose memory will endure
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