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The Day I Went To Brighton

uploaded: Sun, Aug 25, 2019 @ 4:44 AM
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Old fool reminiscing

Many thanks to Siobhan for the beautiful guitar and cello

I will cut myself a piece of slack and run down the dragon road
Towards the girl from Brighton who has rainbows on her toes
And I will choose whatever comes from gifts that she bestows
For after all I’m just a man so little do I know

God grant me peace and love and joy though I do not believe
For at this time I need the best that all religions breath
You never know I might enlist one day into your arms
A ragged philanthropic man who means nobody harm

We will hold a minutes silence for the goodness thats been cracked
And try our best to obfuscate until we get love back
You once said you thought me credible and on the perfect track
But the truth was that I was alone punished under attack

On Brighton beach in mid July our feet will run through sand
And at the waters edge we will perform a dance we had not planned
You with your dress from Laura’s me in my cut down jeans
There’s always truth in heartache but never what it seems

On the train that I take back to the city that I love
I might call you just to hear you for when push comes to shove
You will always be the brightest you will always have my heart
In the distance theres the promise that our love we can restart

"The Day I Went To Brighton"
by Radioontheshelf

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