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To Be Or Not To Be

uploaded: Sat, Apr 20, 2019 @ 8:38 AM
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The Easter story continues but for most of us its just a few days off work

I believe in something but I am still not sure what it is

God made Adam and I made God
And we were the men who put his son up on a cross
It started with a shuffle and ended with a plea
To ressurect the love inside of you and me

But the damage was done the seeds were sowed
What happened to his parents well nobody knows

Am I getting ahead of you am I another point of view
A sand in an hour glass a moment we hope will pass

Its a trafficated problem and a time of little hope
There are signals in the streets that God can’t cope
Fundamental differences lots of blurry lines
But Jesus he got up again one more time

Peter met the same fate thanks to old Nero
They stuck him on a cross so he’d die real slow

Thousands were hiding trying not to believe
The message was tainted it was time to leave

But the future was brighter tolerance was close
The choosen were dressing up in bright new clothes

A staff for you a mitre for me
Make up some religion the people must believe

Now as Jesus was dying we heard him say
Mary keep my Easter eggs I’m back on monday

"To Be Or Not To Be"
by Radioontheshelf

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