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Lago D'Orta

uploaded: Thu, Apr 18, 2019 @ 7:05 AM
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A simple song borne out of a chance meeting near an Italian lake. A song for 3 voices. The man the woman and the ferryman

The young man had thought that the ferryman was being over familiar with the young woman he had spent the last two days and nights with only to discover later that she was infact the ferrymans wife

Once again supported by the masterly music of a fine composer.

There is adventure in every step you take
A highway beckoning a full moon shining a boat to cross the lake
The ferry master knows the way he’s done it all before
His calloused hands had also stroked the face of one adored

But theres a touch of conscience in the love you seek to find
A true believer has the strength but love is often blind

On the banks of Lago D’Orta we stepped to find a way
Up through the trees where we believed the ghosts of lovers prayed
And if I had my chance again I would be more sincere
I would not let you run this time I would always keep you near

But I am cut from cheap cloth my buttons easily pressed
I hurt the ones I truly love my life always a mess

In the days that become the years my frightened moments speak
Of implied laughter cheap disasters from times when I was weak
And if you hear the darkness call to take you from my side
Begin to build your secret heart where thoughts will be implied

Lovers lovers lets head for cover we deserve one last plan
Our shabby tricks we’ve laid aside once more we make a stand

When summers gone and bags are packed the trains will take us home
To places where the honesty can cut us to the bone
The simple truth which we avoid is that we are still chained
To blocks of gold the rigmarole the darkest of all stains

On the banks of Lago D’Orta I bent to tie your shoe
A simple gesture of my love and one which you approved
But when I stood to kiss your lips in waters still unchartered
The ferryman just wailed and wailed for all love had departed

"Lago D'Orta"
by Radioontheshelf

2019 - Licensed under
Creative Commons
Attribution Noncommercial (3.0)

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