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Singing For Survival

uploaded: Thu, Mar 7, 2019 @ 1:07 AM
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The Journey

Life has been a musical journey from the start. Every step a meeting of the notes and a grasping hand searching for the right words.

Caught a breath one monday that brought the room alive
Thirties girl and dark green walls they put away their knives
The largest child they’d ever known had entered with some flare
And soon the infants voice annoints the cold November air

My father on his travels he knew nothing of the scene
Events that were unfolding they were absent from his dreams
It took a timely telegram to break the happy news
The crumpled paper hit the floor as father hit the booze

My mother stitched and tired went to another room
As strangers washed my body and an old nurse sang a tune
Though small and only minutes old the music crept inside
And for sixty years the musics raged and kept my soul alive

I’m singing for the ones who have been broken
I’m singing for the lovers and the tattoed priests
I’m singing for the poor and for the choosen
I’m singing for the kings and bums who walk our streets

Brave times are coming passion filled and dressed in gold
Twisted acts and broken pacts the stories will unfold
A thousand kisses and a million misses and steps into the unknown
A boy a man sixty shattered plans too many seeds were sown

We are travelling

Travelling further than the farthest point raising Cain in the rotting fields
Abandoning the hopes we found cast aside by the glutton sated on love
Christening our bodies with junk food and leaving messages scrawled on red brick walls
Squeezing the last spoonful of passion as our skin smears red lipstick into mocking words

I’m singing x 2

"Singing For Survival"
by Radioontheshelf

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