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Crown Alley Dublin

uploaded: Fri, Dec 21, 2018 @ 1:32 AM
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“There are no victims, only volunteers” is the ambiguous quote popularly ascribed to Robert Anthony, Profesor of Management Control at Harvard Business School. He was trying to say that you only become a real victim if you allow lifes events to then dictate your future. We have the ability to rise above lifes misfortunes if we apply a learning process to events and by taking this new found knowledge use it to enhance our lives.

When Jacqueline Raymond left me for a younger man I knew nothing of Robert Anthony or his quote but I think I was channeling the idea anyway.

You were younger than me but I was more naive
I had lived for the moment and no more
I had balanced my life on the edge of a knife
And my body was now covered in old sores

You had offered me shame oh thats why I came
But at that moment I thought it was magic
It was only much later that I now relate to
When everything became so tragic

You were not to blame for ruining my name
I had chances to leave you yes so many
But something inside kept me chained to your side
As the dollars slowly turned to pennies

And I laughed at the angels and welcomed the devils
You had led both straight into my heart
And with your beautiful voice you said it was my choice
Which ones I would keep for a new start

So I know that I could but of course I never would
Blame you for the roads I haven chosen
It was all down to me what things to believe
Of my free will I drank the poison.

"Crown Alley Dublin"
by Radioontheshelf

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