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The Photo

uploaded: Sun, Dec 16, 2018 @ 1:31 AM
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I liked the way Septahelix took his melodic line and added to it some quirky off key sounds that strangely added to his composition and took it to another level

This is my modern day version of a Xmas carol. Lots of tribulation but with a dollop of hope at the end.

There is a photo in black and white
My fathers friend he took it one december night
It shows four people and a xmas tree
Theres Bill and Flo and Sandra and a boy who looks like me

These were the happy times for the girl and boy
Ready for the future ready for the joy
So we sat in wonder as father told a tale
Of magic days and golden sleighs where innocence would prevail

My mothers face was full of smiles it hid the hardest facts
For in 56 a womans place was to stick by her man
So heres to good old Joseph and his wife Mary
For giving us just one more chance to be a happy family

And let us sing for a silent night and a guiding star
To lead us to the brightest place the happiest of hearts
May love and joy and a sweet caress keep us so defined
Where we can have a happy home and laughter all the time


Its hard to believe in Jesus but I sure wish I could
To have a faith that none can break that would be so good
And how I envy those that do that no words can destroy
But life has dealt too many blows for the girl and boy

So heres to good old Joseph and his wife Mary
The shepherds, kings, the holy ghost and Jesus the baby
Let goodness reign down from above and light the path ahead
For life is what we make of it thats what the good book said

"The Photo"
by Radioontheshelf

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