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uploaded: Sat, Dec 13, 2008 @ 11:42 AM
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was a beautiful clockwork canary
but she had to be constantly wary
for the things that could happen if she was not;
they would tear her to bits on the spot

they wound her up
and they never let her join in their games
and she did not know what to do
there was not a soul that she knew to turn to and so alone
if only someone would throw her a bone

someone was there
someone wanting to end dispair
he promised he’d take good care
and he did
he created a world where the bird could live in peace at last
persecution was now in the past

was a beautiful clockwork canary
and her life was no longer so scary
for an artist had rescued her from her hell
and he gave her her freedom as well


was a beautiful clockwork retriever
and she was a firm nonbeliever
for the others tormented her day and night
because she was unable to fight

by Nivi

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