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Midnight's Come

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Never could resist a solstice observation. In Em, so should be relatively easy to reuse.

Lyrics (cc)BY D A Ayer 2022-12-01

Summer’s gone, and yet my mind’s still wandering free.
Leaves are falling—autumn’s colors start to flee—
and I wonder as I think of you
if that’s why I’ve been feeling blue
or if there’s something else I’ve failed to see.
Summer’s gone, and yet my mind’s still wandering free…

Winter’s here, bringing holidays and cold.
We’ve swung once more ‘round the sun—or so I’m told—
yet I feel I haven’t moved at all,
just standing still, not walking tall,
although there’s somewhere else I’d rather be.
Winter’s here and all my dreams lie far from me…

Midnight’s come, with its promise of the dawn
and the days will each get longer from now on,
so it’s time to ponder, once again,
what aims are worthy of my pen
and which to keep my own, no one to see.
Midnight’s come, but now my heart feels strangely free…

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"Midnight's Come"
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