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Virtuality X.0 (now with more Duck)

uploaded: Sat, Jul 17, 2021 @ 10:45 PM last modified: Sun, Jul 18, 2021 @ 9:58 PM  (del)
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…is this thing on?

OK, guessing there’s a need for a back story: my magic hour is way after bedtime. Could be any time, really, but late is when I stop paying any heed to my good and trusted rules, like:
— Don’t have that last [whatever I’m having]…
— Wait 15 years before reviving a classic.
— Steer clear of pop soul ‘cause you ain’t.
— Never, ever, remix “Wired But Disconnected”.

Still, it can be a lot of fun before I fall down. Apologies to Duckett, who’s heard so many of these now it must be getting old; but there’s a reason!

Also, the attribution search box wouldn’t turn up some older Duckett sources I used:
TriggerDuck Beat

ps — 54bpm except for the brief bari sax solo at 56bpm.

pps — 07/18/21 levels reoptimized

Contents of ZIP Archive: instrumental stems

  • /moDuck_stems-002_Bari.flac (11.81MB)
  • /moDuck_stems-003_Bass.flac (6.64MB)
  • /moDuck_stems-004_Perc.flac (13.72MB)
  • /moDuck_stems-005_Kbd.flac (8.72MB)

"Virtuality X.0 (now with more Duck)"
by Mr_Yesterday

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