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Sins of the Fathers

uploaded: Wed, Sep 4, 2019 @ 11:41 AM last modified: Wed, Sep 4, 2019 @ 11:48 AM  (add)
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This was meant to be the debut of my virtual session band back in November 2018. My political conscience was so thoroughly aggrieved by the Kavanaugh confirmation that it took me a while to get back and finish this.

I had planned to post the pell separately with the lyrics as (I thought?) was customary, but got busted by an “exceeded quota” message from the host. No patience with that, I added the zipped voice stems here. LMK if you need lyrics in text.

Contents of ZIP Archive: Voice stems

  • /sinsOfTheFathersV04-001_Vox.flac (7.23MB)
  • /sinsOfTheFathersV04-002_Mic01Raw.flac (9.22MB)
  • /sinsOfTheFathersV04-003_Mic02Raw.flac (11.13MB)

Contents of ZIP Archive: instrumental stems

  • /sinsOfTheFathersV04-004_GuitLead.flac (2.83MB)
  • /sinsOfTheFathersV04-005_SaxTenor.flac (9.71MB)
  • /sinsOfTheFathersV04-006_Bass.flac (4.72MB)
  • /sinsOfTheFathersV04-007_Kbd.flac (5.91MB)

Contents of ZIP Archive: drumkit and MIDI

  • /sinsOfTheFathersV04-008_Kit.flac (32.58MB)
  • /sinsOfTheFathersV04-009_Ch08-12.mid (27.83KB)

"Sins of the Fathers"
by Mr_Yesterday

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Attribution (3.0)

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