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Heard this guitar bit at 2 AM and the first and last verse wrote themselves before 3. Obsessed about it the rest of the day and here it is.

Javolenus, thanks for a fantastic ride, hope you find it OK.

Note May 28, 2013: Replaced the vox FLAC file. Thanks, NiGiD!

Also expect a new preview with the guitar a little hotter.

Mockingbird aka Another Beautiful Day

[1] The sun came out again
Like it almost always does
Another beautiful day
Scroungin’ ‘round the bottom of my wallet

Found a part of a song
A couple of jokes
Somebody’s number
But I guess now I’m never gonna call it

Walkin’ to the corner
I thought I heard a mockingbird
Singin’ his silly old ripoff songs
That ain’t even worth a listen

I’m just bangin’ my head
Against the wall and wishin’
I could find a way
To make it all feel better

[2] Sittin’ in the coffee place
Lookin’ out the window
I’m watchin’ that homeless guy who works this corner,
He says to call him Otis

He’s got a handmade sign
Lays it out on the sidewalk
And folks who don’t look down walk right on by
And act like they don’t even notice

But sometimes I’ll read that sign
It says somethin’ different every day
And three days out of five what it says
Is pretty damn funny

And I talked to Otis just the other day
Didn’t have any money
But I found out he and I
Have the same last name

[3] The sun came out again
I guess Otis made his nickel
Packed up his little paper shrine and shuffled
Down the street and on across the avenues

And later that afternoon
His spot was taken up by an old blind guy
Who sets up a chair in the doorway
And sings the blues

He’s got an old guitar
Strings probably cost him more than his suit
It’s a chipped-up National job
With this huge resonator

And whenever I see him over there
It’s like a joy generator
He’s singin’ this sad old shit
But it sure makes me feel happy

[4] Walked down to the river
And watched the water flowin’ by
The ripples and the eddies, I’m thinkin’
Maybe that’s all there is to livin’

Some are rich and some are poor
Me I’m just a little down on my luck
Don’t have so little there isn’t somethin’
That I could still be givin’

I got a trick or two
In my pocket and up my sleeve
I’m just not done searchin’ yet
For my own Nirvana

But maybe this is as good as it gets
And if we wait por la mañana
We might not like the trade
We made in the end

[5] The sun came out again
Like it almost always does
Another beautiful day
And I’m so glad that I’m still here in it and walkin’

Got a start on a song
A couple new jokes
Somebody’s number
And in a minute maybe we’ll be talkin’

Walked to the corner
And then I heard the mockingbird
He’s singin’ his beautiful patchwork song
So I just stopped to listen

I’m runnin’ my hand
Against the wall and wishin’
I can just find a way
To keep it all together

by Mr_Yesterday

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