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Stay Calm

uploaded: Sun, Sep 13, 2020 @ 4:37 AM
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Somewhat of a challenge for me, in my verse chorus style,to mine Septahelixs entire library of work for samples.

Several attempts fell by the wayside till part of this chord structure revealed itself and made sense when Sackjo turned up and said Stay Calm..so I did.

When in doubt..vocode.


Don’t let the troubles of this world get you down.

Don’t let them stop you,from spreading your love around. LS

"Stay Calm"
by Loveshadow

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Creative Commons
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Editorial pick

A beautiful dose of hope and reminder to stay calm in this troubled world. This downtempo hit combines Loveshadow’s stellar production and melodies with beats from Septahelix and powerfully vulnerable spoken word from Sackjo22. A must add to your “2020” playlist.


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