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gotta go (russian nuclear winter mix)

uploaded: Fri, Feb 4, 2022 @ 12:25 PM
byKiki (Sunstream FM)
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its 21:15 central european time.

there were these chords from smooth operator from sade. and i transformed them. made a new melody. and been goin wild. always too much. by the way i sound like in the meanwhile like these countless tiktok music producers.

thank you ccmixter, for the acapellas, for the opportunity to share my musical world with you.

this music was made 600 yards away from the european central bank. which is currently having great problems admitting that its low interest rate policy is inappropriate for the european area in times of galloping inflation.

and furthermore, this music was made 1.5 miles from the skyscrapers of the german and international banks, which are watching with suspicious eyes what the interest rate policy of the ecb is doing.

next day.

it’s 18:32 cet. i listen to my music all day and most of all this remix. and of course i’m on tiktok. the reason for facebook’s miserable performance on the stock market. the reason for facebook’s parent company renaming itself meta. just sounds like sh!t when everyone says facebook has lost a quarter of its value. meta is the loser in the news. and most facebook users don’t even know who meta is, let alone that facebook st!nks against the chinese artificial intelligence of tiktok. just like youtube. it is the home of all the superstars of the american entertainment music industry. as they found out two years ago. only that youtube now st!nks against tiktok too.

i’ve never seen the twenty biggest tiktoks as presented on youtube during my little excursion there. it took a while for the a.i. to tune in to me, but since then no “funny” dance, challenge tiktoks with 45 second snippets of semi-famous superstars from youtube.

no tiktoks a.i. never disappoints me. i see everything. bl@ck power, southern racism, normal people, trump supporters, biden supporters, germans (partly in america), americans (partly in germany), europeans and north africans, sub saharan africans, a few chinese, russians, everything normal people post that is somehow interesting to me. tiktok already knows. oh yes there are also tiktok music producers who always use an 808 and the usual beat. timbaland how he gets his outdated beats together and sits high in front of his blue screen while listening to his effusions. i can’t describe it. the whole world.

and the best thing is i remain anonymous.

and now i continue to enjoy the remix of smooth operator’s chords, patronski’s composition and snowlakes part to it…i dont know who did what. but i guess its something new now.

the main idea behind ccmixter.org.:)

it’s 20:32 cet. i was just on titkok. i read a lot in the news about joe rogan. that the legend neil young and other older people left spotify because of him. something about anti vaxers. but titkok is as always the best medium to get a picture. there was this titkok. joe rogan talks in a podcast how he wanted to move to a new environment. and says: “i ask him are there bl@ck people here? and we get off and we are on the planet of the @pes. no white people far and wide.” i don’t want to presume any judgement, but only now i have a picture of this little news story thanks to titkok….

hail to the chinese a.i.

or like kara square sang once:

its the age of a.i., a.i., a.i. the age of a.i….:D

post scriptum: by the way i was once called the n-word by a german and i was told that i look alike a chinese by a croatian.

people just cant decide who or what i am…:D

and once i was told that i look alike a japanese by denise, kerstin, julia or one of the many other g!rls i knew once…:)

"gotta go (russian nuclear winter mix)"
by Kiki (Sunstream FM)

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