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"COngrats ReWinD" BY kATHy bROCkS

uploaded: Sun, Dec 29, 2013 @ 6:41 PM
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“Congrats Rewind” by Kathy Brocks
12/27 or 28/2013

Job, the prophecy
kill me to keep it all hidden
sweat of the wind on the windows with the rising of the morning sun
anger fills the voice of my husband
vengeance his only calm
innocent he screams
you love only sin
me and you never met, I never knew you

babies hidden under winter coats
the Amnon spirit penetrates the house of David
putting a choke hold on the
bear claws scrap the walls of understanding
chills fill my brain, man its cold
waste be to it all
the seed of God is there somewhere
Lord would you, here’s my incense offering
Lord please do, here’s my bull offering
Lord they are just young mercy is your character, here’s my dove offering
offering, offering, offering

Dead you lay and still ask for their forgiveness
let them lift the roof off their brow
let them tread the ashes of their brittle bones
let vinegar quench their thirst
let salt bind their wounds
they loved neither me nor you

Satan, their father, gives no reprieve
let their choice of darkness be their
eternal shower
they are neither merciful or kind
lay the rewind

they lay with each others spouses
they rape their brothers
they rape their sisters
they beat their mothers
they marry their siblings, seeding bastard offsprings
Rewind, Rewind, Rewind (swirly sound like a rewind)
Not one heeded my instructions to rebuke the devil
say no to temptation
and here you are giving offerings for the same thing over and over again
ever will you trust me (like a scratched record)
ever will you trust me
ever will you trust me
ever will you trust me

""COngrats ReWinD" BY kATHy bROCkS"
by KathyBrocks

2013 - Licensed under
Creative Commons
Attribution (3.0)

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