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"It's got to be a ford" by Kathy Brocks

uploaded: Sun, Jul 21, 2013 @ 4:26 PM
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“Its Gotta be a Ford” by Kathy Brocks
For 07/02/2013 Poetry Wednesday

oh baby baby x2
i think am falling in love with you
your so sleek and blue
you make me say
oh baby baby
oo oo ooo
baby baby

you wonder how I knew
am so into you
is it your rims that make me coo
is it your trim makes me woo
is it the way you open up to me

drawing me in so sweet
chocolate and dreamy
oo oo oo
revving me to 60 in 3 seconds with just one look
oh baby x2
sleek and cool
am so into you

""It's got to be a ford" by Kathy Brocks"
by KathyBrocks

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