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"Neighborhood Watch" by Kathy Brocks

uploaded: Sat, Jul 6, 2013 @ 7:21 PM
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Okay, so if you have been watching the news or been coherent for the last couple years, then you have heard of Trayvon Martin, a 17 year kid that was shot in cold blood, that’s unarmed while walking down the street drinking a can of tea.
So here is the poem “Neighborhood Watch”

“NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH” BY KATHY BROCKS for Poetry Wednesdays 07/3/2013

OPERATOR: 911 What is your emergency please?
Z-Man: I got a black skinny kid walking down the street drinking a can of tea, looking dangerous,
real dangerous. What should I do?

Operator: Stay in the car please, stay in the car please. The police is on the way.

Z-Man: Am gonna confront ‘em, ‘im. I got a gun. Am Neighborhood watch.

Poet: Zee killed Him cause He was Black. If T-Ray was a girl would we be talking murder and rape?
Never mind the can, never mind the man, never mind the pain, never mind the skin
Its the power of the color Z wants, the color, the color
navy blues, soldier black shoes

Never mind the can, never mind the man, never mind the pain, never mind the rain
no evidence of danger, the glove fits
Neighborhood watch me not, neighborhood watch me now
Neighborhood watch shoulda stayed in the car waiting on the cops
Neighborhood watch went too far

Blood never retracts w/o God attached
Z-Man what, Z-man Who inflicted his own wounds that faded away in less than a day
Girl Doc called the scratch insignificant
like a Snap-back you flip to da back, just run your wrist a little like this
don’t scratch your head somebody might be dead

Never mind the can, never mind the man, never mind the pain, never mind the skin, Never mind the rain, never mind the color, Z wants to be free to kill again.

X-Ray said I lied cause I heard T-Ray’s last breathe. Now T-Ray will never breath again, never breath again. Trauma affects regardless of the skin. Z-lawyers wanna repeat, repeat, repeat this and that searching for a reason to kick that truth down the drain
knowing T-Ray will never breath again
X-Ray sees a Momma in pain , a tear filled mother who’ll never see her baby boy grow into a mature man. A Momma waits patiently for peace and justice cause God reigns. the ache of a father only steps away from his baby’s cries couldn’t save the day like superman. A bullet from two centuries away searched for T-Ray’s youthful skin.

Never, never, never, never mind the can, never mind the man, never mind the pain, never mind the rain, never mind the skin, never mind the color, never mind the boy, never mind the girl, never mind the mother, never mind the father, never mind the drama, never mind the Rhwonda, never mind the connects of Connecticut or the C-O for Colorado, never mind the angles of Texas-Los Angeles, never mind the scholar of Chicago, never mind the projects, never, never, never mind, never mind the…..

(Take the time to love-it may save a life or two)

""Neighborhood Watch" by Kathy Brocks"
by KathyBrocks

2013 - Licensed under
Creative Commons
Attribution (3.0)

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