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uploaded: Tue, Jul 3, 2012 @ 5:49 AM
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Jazzy ballad I wrote many years ago. Tried to remember it and thought I’d record the attempt (used a single cheap condenser mic). Features out of time guitar, creaking wooden stool, a couple of plosives and probably some flat notes—in other words a nice challenge for your cool producers! The chords are C major guitar shapes with Capo on 3rd fret—they’re pretty standard jazz stuff—major 7ths, minor 7ths, diminshed 7ths etc., etc. I’ll paste the lyrics below as some of them aren’t clear on the recording (if any other vocalist wants to cover this, it’s fine by me—just wanted to demo the idea):


She’s in love
And I walked away
With a stone in my shoe
Dust in my mouth
See my fortune
Hit the ground
She’s in love
Don’t need me around

She’s in love
And I never told her
She’s my sun
She’s my moon
She made me happy
In the afternoon
She’s in love
So I’ll be leaving soon

by Javolenus

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