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Intro Voiceover to Scene1 "Pretty" - "Blue lips, Loose Hips"

uploaded: Mon, Jan 26, 2009 @ 5:44 AM
FeaturingScomber, a warm Parisian night and Anchor Mejans inspiration
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This is the introduction voice-over for the first scene of “Blue Lips, Loose Hips” called “Pretty” - part of an interactive CCM musical stageshow rapidly accelerating in a beat up yellow cab towards Broadway.
The spoken pell and the Parisian backing are posted here

Here’s the narrators introduction to the scene;

SCOMBER: Narrator

Our story begins in Paris France, in the summer of 2009.
Our hero, Anchor lives a carefree and comfortable life cocooned from worry in his fashionable Parisian apartment.
Over the noise of the early morning crickets and that annoying accordion music; he lies asleep - in a debauched bed with his supermodel girlfriend Kate beside him.

The morning sun shines through the window and awakens him.
He kisses his pretty on the nape of the neck and feels the odd sensation of cold, lifeless skin against his lips.

Her lips, are blue, and I’m afraid to tell you, that she has expired
- at a bare minimum, in breach of her Loreal contract.
A diet of green grapes and constant parties has caught up with her
and Anchor is hit by the reality that she has passed to that great catwalk in the sky.

"Intro Voiceover to Scene1 "Pretty" - "Blue lips, Loose Hips""
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