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Where do feelings come from?

uploaded: Tue, Apr 1, 2008 @ 6:02 PM
FeaturingAnchor Mejans, oldDog
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Anchor suggested I have a go at singing these
lyrics. I took up the challenge, as I
know exactly the ceramic oddities of which he speaks. My mom used to have some. The piano is oldDog’s from “pequennas alas”, which I chopped-up and rearranged. Pulled the old clarinet out of the closet for this; and wow, it really needs
to visit the repair shop. Sticky keys, busted reeds, bad corks etc.
The following is from Anchor’s page for his original pell of this:

I saw these little ceramic children in a shop with garish sweetly sentimental expressions (eyes shaped like tear drops)- they asked the question “where do feelings come from?”
Inspired by such a personal affront to free will and by weird philosophical impulses I wrote these lyrics.


Where do feelings come from?
Do they come from above?
Are they made by Christmas angels
Or little devils on parole?
Are we all but martyrs
Or do we have a hand
In shaping our decisions?
Can we make an honest stand?

Are there tiny fairies in the toy-shop
Of our minds…
Fabricating stories to tie to our behinds?
Like cats with bells on tails tied
We clamor and we wail…
The pangs of conscience clothe us
In numbing coats of mail.

Where do feelings come from?
Are they dished out from on high?
Why do some taste so bad…
And others sweet as apple pie?
Can we trade them in for a model
Shiny, new and neat…
Or must we just like Marley,
Drag those chains about our feet?

"Where do feelings come from?"
by Fireproof_Babies

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