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punchy compressed bassdrum (tutorial)

uploaded: Sun, Jan 13, 2013 @ 5:18 AM last modified: Sun, Jan 13, 2013 @ 5:22 AM  (add)
byPlatinum Butterfly
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Hello there,

I see a lot of mixes from people wanting to do a dance track and the tracks are fine but they are missing the part where de bassdrum pops out of the track like in the real pro dance tracks. This is a simple tutorial on making de bassdrum pop out like that.

I included a ableton file but i will try to explain it for reason as wel and if you follow the instructions you can do it in any daw program you use.

First load de bassdrum sample in a sampler and create the beat you like, just use the bassdrum separate from other drums on one channel.
Second, load a compressor in one of the effect channels of your daw.
Third, set attack to 10 ms and release to 50 ms. Ratio has to be 4.

as you only have done this you will not hear many changes in your beat but when you have made music on other channels, mix the effect button on the bassdrum up and the beat will punch out of the rest.

if you have any questions on this don’t hasitate to ask me.

greetz PB

ps. I have searched years in the beginning of making dance music how they did it until someone finaly told me how to do it, so i found that this could be a useful tip for those who wonder how it’s done

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"punchy compressed bassdrum (tutorial)"
by Platinum Butterfly

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