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uploaded: Sun, Dec 13, 2015 @ 6:33 PM
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Verse 1;
nyah hah, nyah hah, just flipped the switch on now im going bye bye bye bye, so i can continue on to the sky, stay strong stay focused, DERP the nerps cause i’m trollin and you didn’t notice that I was flexed to work the future main components, viralitic like i did it cause i dont admit it but still these haters turn around and always say that Duco did it, even if I only hit it for entertainment, i keep getting hit and met with the same front, from everyone bout everything, always been blamed about being in or doin something I’m told I shouldn’t do, but still I do some things im not supposed to, like my kids do, maybe thats why were so close too…

A lifehacker, yeah I am so what, The known slacker, no I aint quit up, well then you could, yeah sup ask do what, flip any old switch, too easy fo sheezy go on pull one up, Hey yo whats that, aint no place darker than this, huh what say again, say once only straight up don’t exist, so what’s next, 213 connection too me, yo whats that, it don’t matter just chatter between them and me..

verse 2;
213 to 187 is where my head is at, over modem lines all they ever heard is that, anticipated and complicated forever faded connection lines cause i know i need addresses generated to keep 5.0 in line, baited always degraded there detective work running prank calls saying officers need that work, at least twice i earnt user handles like this, just gotta love how the gov employs from the thick, and this guy is meant to trick yet dont understand this i upload just to stay in click wit his chick, yeah thats right home addresses i got the lot, what you investigating me for, im the one who takes em out

verse 3;
I got you freezing opening CD trays teazing, pawning, owning you like a god dam heething, cause im seething, it comes from the rage i collected in my egg but i try to use it in a more positive non derogative kind of way, yeah thats right tonight we take flight, i prefer the cover of darkness to daylight, still you push it alright, hold tight gonna push this god dam button in god dam broad daylight, oh god you screaming yeah there it goes, all those poor fishies with all their little tentacles, I dont mean the animal the guy who fakes his not a girl, there I go again, thats the button to end the world…

This is a capella, from an old track called lifehacker - It’s about cracking PC’s and such…
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