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Love Tractor Part 1

uploaded: Thu, Jan 22, 2009 @ 5:13 PM
byDoghouse Riley
FeaturingThem dern gals
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Yea, it’s me chillun. Don’t faint or nothin. I don’t know ifn you’ve heard but even tho we got us this here great new President (don’t ya just love him?) and we just may be on track to becomin the Good-Formerly-Bad ol USofA, times is purty dang tough right this minute. And it ain’t no different fer me an mine. Not that that’s any worry a yours. It just may help to explain why I’m only now gettin this here mix to ya. I’ve been spendin most of my time lately on or just underneath a bar stool at Jimmy’s. House brand only…no Plymouth…no Bombay! Lord-gawd-almighty-on-a-soda-cracker!! Anyways, that’s where Spinmeister found me the other day and, after he’d gotten me back on my stool, said to me: “Damn it Doghouse, why haven’t you come over and helped us beat hell on this Stephen Colbert fellow who’s been saying just the nastiest stuff about us remixers on his so-called comedy show??” Oh I already done that, I told him. I put one up about a week ago dealin with my thankin on that there situation, Spin. So that’s all taken care of. So why don’t ya buy me a martini since yor standin there with that stupid exasperated expression on yor face…or words to that effect. “Yea, he says, you put it up on ANOTHER REMIX SITE you numbskull!” Well, I’ll-be-go-to-hell I said, I did? And you know what? No, guess what. I had done that very thang. So you can thank ol Spinny for savin my bacon and yor day only listen, don’t get yor hopes up too much about me beatin hell on ol Stephen Colbert. Cause one, he’s a friend a mine and two, I just about half agree with him. Course I say that with love.

"Love Tractor Part 1"
by Doghouse Riley

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