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MEGAMIX - Fire, Rain & Healing

uploaded: Thu, Mar 19, 2020 @ 4:09 AM last modified: Thu, Mar 19, 2020 @ 4:19 AM  (add)
FeaturingScomber, Plaedo, AdmiralBob, CommonSplice, Apoxode, IDZeroNo, BlueDelta, FlatHill, MattiaGiovanetti, InnoRecords, Nimlos, Netaj, Humanoide9000, Dave Welsh, rsn267 and bastipictures
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My final remix for the “Rise From The Ashes” event takes me through all the acapellas that were made available except one (which I will remix in the next album I’m working on)

For this project I had to create up little bits of audio to add to the projects but that was the fun itself. I hope you enjoy this one, there’s a lot of fun here.

Three mixes are uploaded separately as well for your enjoyment. The separate mix for “While The Burns Heal” is longer than in the Megamix. I had that 15 minute time limit to work with and for once I busted it. So edits had to be made.

Song #1 : “Ordinary People”
Vocals : Scomber
Back up vocals : me


Song #2 : “Thunder & Rain
Vocals : CommonSplice, Plaedo, IDZero & Admiral Bob

(Thunder sounds below)


Song #3 : While the burns heal
Vocals : Apoxode
Backup vocals : Scomber & Myself


Thunder & Rain features these sound technicians.

The CIty is Sick Vocals.wav
By Plaedo

Heavy Thunder Strike - no Rain - QUADRO.wav
By BlueDelta

Rain and Thunder 4
By FlatHill

Thunder » Thunder And The Bird
By MattiaGiovanetti

Rain Sound and Rainforest.mp3

Thunders » Rain Thunder.mp3
By Nimlos

By netaj

Thunder sounds » Rain and Thunders
By humanoide9000

By Dave Welsh

Rain and Thunder
by rsn267

close rain and thunder
by bastipictures

"MEGAMIX - Fire, Rain & Healing"
by coruscate

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