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Sound Pack 4 - Phono Paper Noise Pack 2

uploaded: Tue, Jan 21, 2020 @ 1:50 AM last modified: Tue, Mar 3, 2020 @ 9:12 PM  (replace)
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While I’m waiting on some recording equipment to arrive so I can wheel in my new techniques, I’m going to unload two new sounds packs. This is the last sound pack with random Phono Paper noise sounds, and pseudo melodies where I experimented. Phonopaper is fun. Once my equipment gets here I will revisit these samples.

Please enjoy!

Contents of ZIP Archive: zip

  • /soundpack5 phonopaperpack2/19.12.226 10.27.wav (864.85KB)
  • /soundpack5 phonopaperpack2/19.12.25 13.51.wav (864.85KB)
  • /soundpack5 phonopaperpack2/19.12.25 13.52.wav (864.85KB)
  • /soundpack5 phonopaperpack2/19.12.25 14.16.wav (864.85KB)
  • /soundpack5 phonopaperpack2/19.12.25 16.47.wav (864.85KB)
  • /soundpack5 phonopaperpack2/19.12.25 16.49.wav (864.85KB)
  • /soundpack5 phonopaperpack2/19.12.25 16.50.wav (864.85KB)
  • /soundpack5 phonopaperpack2/19.12.25 16.51.wav (864.85KB)
  • /soundpack5 phonopaperpack2/19.12.25 16.52.wav (864.85KB)
  • /soundpack5 phonopaperpack2/19.12.25 16.53.wav (864.85KB)
  • /soundpack5 phonopaperpack2/19.12.25 16.5552.wav (864.85KB)
  • /soundpack5 phonopaperpack2/19.12.25 16.56.wav (864.85KB)
  • /soundpack5 phonopaperpack2/19.12.25 1666.51.wav (864.85KB)
  • /soundpack5 phonopaperpack2/19.12.25 17.03.wav (864.85KB)
  • /soundpack5 phonopaperpack2/19.12.25 17.04.wav (864.85KB)
  • /soundpack5 phonopaperpack2/19.12.25 17.15.wav (864.85KB)
  • /soundpack5 phonopaperpack2/19.12.26 09.05.wav (864.85KB)
  • /soundpack5 phonopaperpack2/19.12.26 09.06.wav (864.85KB)
  • /soundpack5 phonopaperpack2/19.12.26 10.25.wav (864.85KB)
  • /soundpack5 phonopaperpack2/19.12.26 10.26.wav (864.85KB)
  • /soundpack5 phonopaperpack2/19.12.26 10.27.wav (864.85KB)
  • /soundpack5 phonopaperpack2/19.12.26 10.29.wav (864.85KB)
  • /soundpack5 phonopaperpack2/19.12.26 10.44.wav (864.85KB)
  • /soundpack5 phonopaperpack2/19.12.26 11.30.wav (1.17MB)
  • /soundpack5 phonopaperpack2/19.12.26 11.38.wav (864.85KB)
  • /soundpack5 phonopaperpack2/19.12.26 11.39.wav (864.85KB)
  • /soundpack5 phonopaperpack2/19.12.26 16.57.wav (864.85KB)
  • /soundpack5 phonopaperpack2/19.12.26 17.00.wav (864.85KB)
  • /soundpack5 phonopaperpack2/19.12.26 17.01.wav (864.85KB)
  • /soundpack5 phonopaperpack2/19.12.26 19.29.wav (864.85KB)
  • /soundpack5 phonopaperpack2/19.12.26 19.33.wav (864.85KB)
  • /soundpack5 phonopaperpack2/19.12.26 21.08.wav (864.85KB)
  • /soundpack5 phonopaperpack2/19.12.27 08.54.wav (480.04KB)
  • /soundpack5 phonopaperpack2/19.12.27 08.56.wav (864.85KB)
  • /soundpack5 phonopaperpack2/19.12.27 12.00.wav (864.85KB)
  • /soundpack5 phonopaperpack2/19.12.27 12.04.wav (864.85KB)
  • /soundpack5 phonopaperpack2/19.12.27 12.05.wav (864.85KB)
  • /soundpack5 phonopaperpack2/19.12.27 12.06.wav (864.85KB)
  • /soundpack5 phonopaperpack2/19.12.27 12.07.wav (864.85KB)
  • /soundpack5 phonopaperpack2/19.12.27 12.54.wav (864.85KB)
  • /soundpack5 phonopaperpack2/19.12.27 12.55.wav (864.85KB)
  • /soundpack5 phonopaperpack2/19.122.26 11.38.wav (864.85KB)

"Sound Pack 4 - Phono Paper Noise Pack 2"
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