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American Layer Cake (No War With Iran/Bernie 2020)

uploaded: Fri, Jan 10, 2020 @ 3:27 AM last modified: Fri, Jan 10, 2020 @ 3:29 AM  (add)
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I stumbled across this beat in the acapella section (for some oddball reason it’s there) and immediately decided to rock it with politics.

They performance was done a week ago.

Then Iran happened.

So I updated it.

If you are a Donald Trump supporter you may wish to go elsewhere.

Lyrics in a moment.

Extra drum beats from Music Radar.


he’s corrupt not up to the task
acts like an ass in an orange mask
no one’s as deranged as the 45th president
truly foolish but not mentally incompetent

this is not a test it’s a five alarm fire
the GO-Peed on us and it’s truly dire
red hats have up and shown their true colors
they see us an enemies and not as brothers

this is not new, this is the same old face
that they’ve always angrily to the black race
not exaggerating understand what I mean
all this started in 1619

voter suppression has always had a black tint
immigration anti Latin
Trump is just one domino in a row
he jumped up to defend supremos bro
but he didn’t create what’s always been here
he didn’t invent white paranoia and fear
He saw two corrupt parties and hi jacked one
made like Icarus and flew it to the sun

the current alarm is for just one man
but beware beware the GOP plan.
beware, beware a war with Iran
the nukes will fly we’ll all be damned

have you ever seen a movie called layer cake
describing America that’s a great take
when we were founded we were to be
an oligarchy masked as Democracy

but tax revolts happened, people got bent
Jefferson moved the seat of government
many years the Confederacy
committed treason for slavery
But Yankees spared those from heads from rollin
they went south supremacy kept going
Black citizens voted and took over the states only
to be murdered in mass in unmarked graves

There’s a lot to say I can’t say it all here
find a Black historian, give her your ear
Find a native voice, ask about Genocide
learn about Operation Wetback, right?

trump is a symptom, no not the disease
IMPEACH IMPEACH but hey listen please
American racism didn’t begin with Trump
He’s just a selfish arse that gave it a bump

Republicans and White supremacy
have always paired up complacently
NeoLiberals are also part of the problem
Even in power they don’t move to solve them
true resistance is needed unfurl the banners
AntiFa, unions, Black Lives Matter
Surround water protectors for true thirst
Immigration activists are Americans first

Before I close yo here’s a message
Bernie2020 AND vote Progressive
The hell if I’ll vote a compromise
family’s on the line I already got wise

"American Layer Cake (No War With Iran/Bernie 2020)"
by coruscate

2020 - Licensed under
Creative Commons
Attribution (3.0)

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