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Sound Pack 2

uploaded: Tue, Dec 31, 2019 @ 7:22 PM last modified: Tue, Dec 31, 2019 @ 7:29 PM  (add)
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Another pack of ambient sounds recorded near me. Lots of rivers, oceans, retail sounds and found drum and shaker sounds. From bars to parking lots to the noise of a casino on New Year’s 2020 it’s here.

Contents of ZIP Archive: samples

  • /sound pack 2/carrie Park playground_1577065954665.mp3 (1.39MB)
  • /sound pack 2/chevy kodiak drop 2020 dealership_1577847880746.mp3 (4.05MB)
  • /sound pack 2/drop car alarm dealership_1577501217902.mp3 (2.91MB)
  • /sound pack 2/drum and Silverdale Goodwill_1577243513154.mp3 (3.81MB)
  • /sound pack 2/ducks_1577065954666.mp3 (1.16MB)
  • /sound pack 2/dungeness river Park_1577065954667.mp3 (4.97MB)
  • /sound pack 2/hits at ocean_1577501217903.mp3 (576.98KB)
  • /sound pack 2/kalliope_1577243513155.mp3 (452.48KB)
  • /sound pack 2/mall restaurant parking lot_1577235528724.mp3 (4.67MB)
  • /sound pack 2/neah bay beach_1577501217899.mp3 (588.79KB)
  • /sound pack 2/neah bay beach_1577501217900.mp3 (874.36KB)
  • /sound pack 2/newyear2020casino_1577847880747.mp3 (6.78MB)
  • /sound pack 2/pj masks piano_1577243513156.mp3 (873.23KB)
  • /sound pack 2/retail food/goodwill again_1576918488260.mp3 (1.12MB)
  • /sound pack 2/retail food/goodwill again_1576918488261.mp3 (285.61KB)
  • /sound pack 2/retail food/qfc regular 2_1577065954662.mp3 (1.11MB)
  • /sound pack 2/retail food/tire store_1576918488258.mp3 (3.45MB)
  • /sound pack 2/retail food/tire store_1576918488258.mp3.sfk (165.61KB)
  • /sound pack 2/retail food/tire store_1576918488259.mp3 (725.11KB)
  • /sound pack 2/retail food/tire store_1576918488259.mp3.sfk (34.05KB)
  • /sound pack 2/retail food/Walmart five_1577065954663.mp3 (5.50MB)
  • /sound pack 2/sol duc river 1_1577297696216.mp3 (694.92KB)
  • /sound pack 2/sol duc river 2_1577345795932.mp3 (523.73KB)
  • /sound pack 2/tacos regular_1577065954661.mp3 (2.65MB)
  • /sound pack 2/teens_1577243513153.mp3 (241.54KB)

"Sound Pack 2"
by coruscate

2019 - Licensed under
Creative Commons
Attribution (3.0)

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