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Rotators In The Snow (Slow Down Move Over)

uploaded: Wed, Dec 25, 2019 @ 8:06 AM last modified: Wed, Dec 25, 2019 @ 8:22 AM  (replace)
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Happy holidays here’s an entire construction kit for a full song vocals and all.

The bass line follows “50s Chord Progression”

I am a tow truck driver and slow down move over is the law in our country. but a lot of people don’t slow down and move over so more of us tend to die than police officers.

slow down move over when you see these lights
risking my life on these freezing nights
rotators flash so that you can see
me from mile marker 33

degrees below zero. might be a hero
but I ain’t got no wings and ain’t got no Halo
hello how you doing I’m the friendly tow man
if youre stuck in the snow I know of a plan

my hooks ain’t for show, I’ll do what I can
to put asphault underneath your mini van
Sleet, snow, rain, nothing stops
hauling the mailman to the repair shop

Tow Lives Matter slow down and drive
away from me and keep to the side
of the lane to explain it’s about our safety
and I really want see my child turn 18


I’m not the ghost of Marley but I’m slanging chains
dragon people’s cars out of storm drains
y’all call our service when you’re hurting for help
come round grinning like the elf on the shelf

black ice car parts across the road
it’s a snow show coming by the bucket load
assurances of good luck you’re getting towed
insurance covered it hey nothing’s owed

except what should be a common respect
for the life i risk gaining this check
my life matters just as much as yours
hooking on the highway down on all fours

it’s a dirty job and someone’s gotta do it
I’m the dumb schmuck that stood and said screw it
you need me like lawyers, doctors and clerks
so move over bud don’t be a stupid jerk

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  • /rotators/Danger_Bot_A_Blues_sdmo_1577180904482.mp3 (597.98KB)
  • /rotators/Hard_Tune_A_Blues_Voloco_sdmo_31577180904483.mp3 (285.61KB)
  • /rotators/Hard_Tune_C_Major_Voloco_rotators_xx_1577180904484.mp3 (318.98KB)
  • /rotators/Hard_Tune_C_SDMO_2.m4a (3.89MB)
  • /rotators/rotators bass mixed.mp3 (865.31KB)
  • /rotators/rotators final take 7.mp3 (1.33MB)
  • /rotators/rotators highs 90.mp3 (876.56KB)
  • /rotators/rotators kicks 90.mp3 (876.56KB)
  • /rotators/rotators take 6.mp3 (1.13MB)
  • /rotators/sauce 2 SDMO.wav (983.54KB)
  • /rotators/spoken rotators in the snow.mp3 (157.73KB)

"Rotators In The Snow (Slow Down Move Over)"
by coruscate

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