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Zero Times 80 BPM Construction Kit

uploaded: Mon, Jan 2, 2012 @ 3:05 PM last modified: Mon, Jan 2, 2012 @ 3:08 PM  (add)
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Some samples created from playing around with a Realistic Concertmate 500 today. Most of the drumkit comes from CarbonMonoxideMusic’s drum samples that were placed in CC Zero. I wanted to submit something to CC Zero so here I go!

Contents of ZIP Archive: loops in zip

  • /Zero Times 80 BPM/0x80 deep kick.mp3 (161.79KB)
  • /Zero Times 80 BPM/0x80 light kick.mp3 (83.48KB)
  • /Zero Times 80 BPM/0x80 tabla 1.mp3 (86.81KB)
  • /Zero Times 80 BPM/0x80 tabla 2.mp3 (60.05KB)
  • /Zero Times 80 BPM/0x80 tribal 1.mp3 (45.33KB)
  • /Zero Times 80 BPM/0x80 tribal 2.mp3 (40.27KB)
  • /Zero Times 80 BPM/concertmate chop 1.mp3 (184.55KB)
  • /Zero Times 80 BPM/concertmate chop 2.mp3 (221.81KB)
  • /Zero Times 80 BPM/concertmate.mp3 (33.84KB)
  • /Zero Times 80 BPM/get down chop 1.mp3 (182.72KB)
  • /Zero Times 80 BPM/get down chop 2.mp3 (48.47KB)
  • /Zero Times 80 BPM/get down chop 3.mp3 (76.41KB)
  • /Zero Times 80 BPM/get down chop 4.mp3 (76.22KB)
  • /Zero Times 80 BPM/human melody.mp3 (207.98KB)
  • /Zero Times 80 BPM/piano melody.mp3 (206.81KB)

"Zero Times 80 BPM Construction Kit"
by coruscate

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CC0 (CC Zero)

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