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Tribal Religions (90 BPM)

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Another acapella AND mix for you. Loops you hear are from ThaLoops and Digital-Redux

Ancient Philosophy
Is that what we call it?
Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Judaism, Hinduism and all

other pagan cults of yore…
all native and ancient beliefs on earth…
they all have more in common than people would like to

So let’s talk about, shall we

Tribal religions built hospitals
And helped the wounded heal
But also committed unspeakable
atrocities and that’s real


You can travel the globe and see the role
of Tribal religions in hisotry
They taught, reading and math, Talked about god’s wrath
And built a school at the end of the path

But not all isnice everyone has blood
Running down their fingers crusted with crud
Science, slaughter, art, persecution
There’s almost no order to this strange institution

Yes even today we kill for some god
Like we get points up on a scorecard
Commit atrocities in foreign cities
Because god declared us eternal enemies

The antithesis of life is death
The synthesis of life is thought
Cut off freedom and what is left
it’s really just humans that we fought


Tribal religions is the worship of self
Incarnated racial ideal
They should be placed upon a dusty shelf
Let me tell you what’s the deal


Every religion on the face of the earth
Hangs their own image above their own hearth
Jesus was black but white Christians
repainted his image in their systems

Every religion that you can find
Defines god as one of their kind
Does the divine power that created us
need fingers and toes and an anus?

Pardon my boldness but I have to say
I seriously doubt god has DNA
Or is it a goddess? Or Cthulu?
Or nothing at all… hoooooo

Cross your fingers when you cross over
That we don’t spoil like old leftovers
But seek no eternity in some old man
dressed in expensive clothes in a black sedan


Tribal religions built careers
And made some millionaires
They steal through their smiles and sneers
Pretending to be god’s heirs


Religion has helped us grow
But it has also made us slow
Just don’t let it have control
Of the core of your sole

And that’s the deal with that

"Tribal Religions (90 BPM)"
by coruscate

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Creative Commons
Attribution (3.0)

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