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Page 123 (Coruscate's Off Key Mix)

uploaded: Mon, Sep 6, 2010 @ 3:13 AM
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A remix of an undiscovered gem of an acapella I found. The only thing I did wrong was not find the scale before I made the song, but it works well enough I think. I could have cheated and used the guitars but I did not want to.

Uses “Loved Up Samples” and “Country Crunk” from MusicRadar.com.

ON EDIT: I really love the mix. I love the vocals. And I am experimenting with music theory so in many areas this was a close match, but I can hear how the scales affect things. If nothing else it makes some of his notes sound very sour when they are not, he’s singing very well. It’s my collection of material to pull from (still learning to compose on my own) that’s lacking, not John’s vocals. Hence the new name of this mix, the “Off Key Mix.” Because it is off key from John, not the other way around.
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"Page 123 (Coruscate's Off Key Mix)"
by coruscate

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