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Urban Pagan 90 BPM

uploaded: Mon, Feb 1, 2010 @ 3:30 AM
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This will be a two verse rap, but for now it’s the first verse repeated with an intro and outro.

(On edit) The two piece rap is up as a separate download under a different BPM

“Urban Pagan”

I’m just one of America’s, urban pagans
We’ve mind fires that power just like rayguns
I’m not a vampire dressed in gothic attire
I’m just a sire who sees the eternal fire
I worship the divine spirit of life
and look upon with spite those who cause trife
I can eat meat and become a carnivore
But I cannot hurt for any kind of pleasure
We can’t take cash beyond the thin veil
And any secrets I have will then be revealed
We are all judged based upon how we live
But Not by conceited, false worship
or repetition of dogmatic passages
mistranslated with extra addages
Bow to earthly men, I bow to no one
And I Live my life open underneath the sun

—— Call it karma or the law of three
—— What I do unto you I do unto me
—— Pagans are not members of Satanic cults
—— So spare us your old, ignorant insults

"Urban Pagan 90 BPM"
by coruscate

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