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Drum Kit Samples

uploaded: Wed, Oct 28, 2009 @ 8:19 AM
byCM Music
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  • /Sample Drum Kit/Closed Hat.wav (49.74KB)
  • /Sample Drum Kit/Crash Cymbal.wav (515.87KB)
  • /Sample Drum Kit/Floor Tom.wav (235.87KB)
  • /Sample Drum Kit/Kick.wav (78.58KB)
  • /Sample Drum Kit/Mid Hat.wav (643.12KB)
  • /Sample Drum Kit/Mid Tom.wav (97.12KB)
  • /Sample Drum Kit/Open Hat 1.wav (234.87KB)
  • /Sample Drum Kit/Open Hat 2.wav (648.12KB)
  • /Sample Drum Kit/Ride Cymbal.wav (796.27KB)
  • /Sample Drum Kit/Sample 1.wav (216.12KB)
  • /Sample Drum Kit/Sample 2.wav (178.62KB)

"Drum Kit Samples"
by CM Music

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