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Sound Effects Volume One

uploaded: Sun, Jan 13, 2019 @ 5:22 PM last modified: Sun, Jan 13, 2019 @ 5:23 PM  (add)
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23 home-recorded sound effects. Perfect for video — please remember to credit me if you use them.

Preview is lo-fi 128 kbps.
Actual FLAC files are trimmed, high quality, and mono.

Sound effects:
air sucked, cassette closed, cassette inserted, cassette opened, cassette playing (filtered), cassette playing, coin cupped, coins scooped, hand writing (filtered), hand writing, loose change, metal scrape, microphone feedback, pages flipped, paper crumbled, paper cut, paper fidgeted, paper stapled, paper torn, pitch whistle, plastic bag, spinning coin a, spinning coin b, spinning plastic, water poured.

Contents of ZIP Archive: sound effects vol. 1

  • /air sucked.flac (142.46KB)
  • /cassette close.flac (37.08KB)
  • /cassette inserted.flac (94.96KB)
  • /cassette open.flac (45.49KB)
  • /cassette playing.flac (820.06KB)
  • /coin cupped.flac (40.86KB)
  • /coins scooped.flac (168.05KB)
  • /hand writing.flac (316.67KB)
  • /loose change.flac (98.65KB)
  • /metal scrape.flac (141.32KB)
  • /microphone feedback.flac (88.92KB)
  • /pages flipped.flac (144.50KB)
  • /paper crumbled.flac (127.51KB)
  • /paper cut.flac (320.34KB)
  • /paper fidgeted.flac (131.65KB)
  • /paper stapled.flac (62.78KB)
  • /paper torn.flac (104.97KB)
  • /pitch whistle.flac (199.80KB)
  • /plastic bag.flac (149.35KB)
  • /spinning coin a.flac (157.97KB)
  • /spinning coin b.flac (84.43KB)
  • /spinning plastic.flac (121.58KB)
  • /water poured.flac (656.49KB)
  • /cassette playing (filtered).flac (689.29KB)
  • /hand writing (filtered).flac (278.81KB)

"Sound Effects Volume One"
by Apoxode

2019 - Licensed under
Creative Commons
Attribution (3.0)

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