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A Phrenic Friends

uploaded: Tue, Oct 1, 2013 @ 9:27 PM
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A lot of time and thought has been put in to what you’re audibly perceiving. I see that you’re leaning towards the life the 4 of y’all agree on. I do believe that you will see the irony in the message meant to set y’all free lies deep within, your thought’s the key. Negativity never ceases to be the seed that proceeds the growth of evil trees casting black shadows with their leaves. Man I’m pleased as shit to be cutting a path with a mental machete that might just shed a little light to brighten up the current setting. By letting yourself react with malicious intent is in fact the very things that’s been holding you back. Blue, once you see that you can take your time and relax. Think about this life and the possibilities it has. You have tuned into this soothing music sweet like juice of forbidden fruits so use my words as tools to build your own truth. My proof purchase guarantee provides a provoking poke in your third eye. I sigh and try to find a line to bind 4 minds for friends of mine. So to my man JP, life’s divine take the time to just…

Now since the first verse has moistened your perception for lack of better words. I hope these verbs chirp like birds and thunder like moving herds. Lyrics not fit to be constricted to dimensional 3rds. Hope this vibration’s felt, f’sure, across time and every universe. Well back to the point, I hope this blunt will help you calm your nerves. Quit trippin on shit when it isn’t needed or deserved, preserving the right to remain feeling fine. A timely change of matter intended to change your paradigm cause it’s all just a state of mind. See my friends y’all got it different in the end, you’re a team for life, the way I see you might as well win and don’t let it get to late in the game to put good effort in. I find it splendid that something I said could get in your head and cause a start to a positive trend, the pleasures of life are now yours to blend. A phrenic friends, I’m grateful for having till the very end cause this experience has taught me so much more than y’all probably think it has. So let this melodic jazz just carry out the rest of the ballad as you finish off that spliff and take your time to really think about it.

"A Phrenic Friends"
by AUptic

2013 - Licensed under
Creative Commons
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