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uploaded: Sun, Sep 11, 2022 @ 12:03 AM last modified: Fri, Sep 30, 2022 @ 12:52 PM  (replace)
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The universe didn’t collapsed - we drew Susan!

We fired up an experimental track and took the spoken words from “Dreaming Oceans” and chopped the audio into handling friendly chunks. Without further ado the words somehow fitted to the musical context. That was some kind of magic moment and to the key to develop the track further.

The track also includes a sample called “Ambience, Seaside Waves, Close, A.wav” by InspectorJ ( of

With luv and peace from Hamburg

Contents of ZIP Archive: Stems-01

  • /GIT Hollowbody.flac (2.68MB)
  • /KEY EP.flac (13.97MB)
  • /KEY Piano (Reverbed).flac (3.39MB)
  • /ORC Bus.flac (15.22MB)
  • /VOX SackJo22 - Dreaming Oceans.flac (13.38MB)

Contents of ZIP Archive: Stems-02

  • /BAS Filter Bubble.flac (7.93MB)
  • /DRM Bus.flac (12.46MB)
  • /FX Seaside.flac (8.83MB)
  • /SYN Flubberpad.flac (10.44MB)
  • /TNL SackJo22 Dreaming Oceans Singing Bowls.flac (8.39MB)

Contents of ZIP Archive: Stems-03

  • /BAS Groover.flac (7.07MB)
  • /GIT Electric Picked.flac (4.88MB)
  • /GIT SevenStringer.flac (6.22MB)
  • /KEY Piano.flac (7.74MB)
  • /SYN Kwyyk.flac (7.68MB)
  • /SYN Washed DX7 Rom1A.flac (5.00MB)

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