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Altar (Junkieloop Exception)

uploaded: Sat, Apr 22, 2017 @ 7:49 AM
FeaturingMana Junkie, Zutsuri, et al.
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Now that was fun!

After we saw our assignment to Mana Junkie we went to his massive pool of tracks here and were reminded and astonished about the diversity of stuff available for us, quite a catalogue!!!

We downloaded the “recent” 60 tracks or so… At first we scratched our heads a bit what we can do with just the mixdowns and no real stems available but once we started to cut loops from the tracks we ended up with quite a massive collection of material to shuffle around in Cubase.

The breakbeat approach came first but there was also another attempt using rather downtempo beats, aka some sort of HipHop. We then settled with neck-breaking beats, fast and hard and used quite a lot of Mana Junkie stuff, spiced up with our own ingredients.

Sugar on top was the accidental finding of “Zutsuri - Altar”, the vocals are an ideal fit for this track and makes it complete.

Btw, we really dig the the sleazy middle part and because of that our track has a bit of an odd structure, but who cares… ;-)

Have fun listening!

With luv from Hamburg

"Altar (Junkieloop Exception)"
by 7OOP3D

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Attribution Noncommercial (3.0)

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Prepare yourself for a deeply rhythmic, ecstatic journey through sound with “Altar” from 7OOP3D! Featuring over a dozen tracks from Mana Junkie, this track begs you put on your seatbelt, and will not disappoint.