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uploaded: Sat, Sep 15, 2012 @ 9:30 PM
FeaturingVidian, PattsiPeng, oldDog, colab
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Times slides by and life runs faster than a river: It’s SecretMixter time again!

It’s great to be assigned to someone like Vidian, with such a well of inspiration.

We tried to keep the spirit of both, Unsaid and No Forever, and added some herbs and spices to get another drive to it. PattsiPeng supplied us with the vocals. She hasn’t heard the original stem by oldDog either the remix by Vidian until yesterday.

This spheric-swing-pop tune has 59 separate tracks in the DAW, which almost burned Sloan’s Mac and made it hard to play it back in realtime without freezing some of the tracks.

With luv from Hamburg

by 7OOP3D

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