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Editors' Picks

Radio Moscow: Funk in A

Listen! Texasradiofish is in the house — with a funk so tight it won’t let go.

‘Radio Moscow: Funk in A’ features ElRon XChile, Lawrence Lessig, Prokur, Acclivity, Eee Zee Mister Que — this song is a gumbo of groove!

LOOK (BettaThanUMix)

Duckett’s remix of FORENSIC’s Look (which includes contributions from Loveshadow, Donkey Horse Mule, suonho, Robinhood76, and Jive Ass Sleepers) is unquestionably NSFW. And it is also unquestionably good, combining a ferocious rap with a sound that fuses Hip Hop with late sixties R&B, old school style.
Admiral Bob

008 - The Utterance Ep#8

by: Revlin
An effortlessly profound collage of old radio vignettes. Nostalgic yet hopeful.
Hektor Thillet


by: Jeris
“Hero” is a compelling mix from beginning to end. Featuring a stunning Lisa Debenedictis pell called Crooked Mile, and built on the frame work of Aamu’s excellent treatment, Hero is a gem in the ccMixter repertoire. It also highlights our unique culture of remixing, as a secret mix of a secret mix. Follow the history of the track in Remix History
Play Hero

you! (na-na-na-na)

From the Fat Boy Slim channeled intro, DoKashiteru weaves a technicolor tapestry around the various audio copperthreads of sound. Do a little dance. Make a little love. Get down tonight.
MC Jack in the Box

Grand rassemblement des banquiers

A stunning, cinematic composition with sweeping transitions, moody movement and lovely melodies created by Morusque using merely 18 pieces of source from Onlymeith. Extraordinary!

As We Kissed

by: J.Lang
Mixtermaster J. Lang pulls you in with seductive groove, intricate production, and the power of intimate love.

‘As we Kissed’ is J. Lang’s Secret Mixter remix of urmymuse, featuring the intensely beautiful words of Suzi Q. and the delicately romantic whispers of Sackjo22.

Dear Mr Williams

Well thought out and cleaver production from Bigbonobo. A hypnotic beat, sweet strings and just the right amount of edginess. Sexy mix.
Job Well Done!!

Dance in the Rain (Breaking Down)

Combining Peter Gabriel circa Peter Gabriel IV with modern Hip Hop sensibilities, Snowflake does what CCMixter does best: celebrating life, and giving source tracks their own new and very different life.
Admiral Bob

Stay (for this Moment)

Seeming like a natural extension of snowflake’s excellent vocals, Unreal DM wraps his magic around another fine arrangement and treatment.
MC Jack in the Box

Now That It's Come To This

SpaTIal&CoSy’s remix of Snowflake’s ”To this” is indeed spatial and special.
Huge spaces & beautiful melancholy sums up the essentials of this fine soundtrack to a walk through Paris at dawn.

The Cold Wood Stove Blues

by: Jeris
Outstanding jazz interpretation that reeks of smoke and whiskey, that stove just hotter !

Don't You Run

by: Jeris
You know, when you go away from something for a while then you come back to it and it feels so right that it’s almost magical? That’s what I felt when I listened to this track. This vocal from Calling Sister Midnight has got to be a ccmixter classic. I’ve worked with a lot of folk in my life and this vocal is up there.
What Jeris has done here is taken a masterpiece and has gone Monumental. I love this track and I applaud the mixter for creating a forum that gives birth to this type of magic.
Brilliant, Brilliant job.

Peace! ;)~

The New Music

by: Alex
“ccMixter the new music generator!”

All That She Surveys

by: Jeris
So smooth and experienced— an ageless performance and mix. I’m glad I found this gem. It’s flawless.