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Editors' Picks

WWP 2017 (Here comes the Snow)

Get ready to DANCE! One Project’s trance mix takes Scomber’s expressive vocal cover of Loveshadow’s seasonal lyrics to the next level! Celebratory, dynamic, and perfect for your New Year’s Eve playlist.
Kara Square

Under The Tree (Ragtime Mix)

With inspiring contributions from André Phanfãs Love and Lena Orsa, Jason Brock (spinningmerkaba) has created a marvelously entertaining ragtime Christmas song that would have made Jimmy Durante proud. Merry Christmas, Mrs Calabash, wherever you are!

Free Birds

Time to ROCK & ROLL! Stefan Kartenberg’s driving remix of Anomaly Jonez‘s powerful vocals will get your head banging!
Kara Square

The Light

Garry Knight’s inaugural remix is a big soundscape electronic dance remix of Snowflake’s The Light that is sure to put a spring in your seasonally adjusted step. Listen and shake your body line!


Capturing the darkness of winter and reflecting on the passage of time, Stefan Kartenberg’s perfectly suited downtempo folk remix of Mr_Yesterday is a sensational seasonal contribution. Push play and take a moment to ponder.
Kara Square

In Peace

Siler1d’s inaugural contribution to ccMixter is a fresh and uplifting remix of In Peace by Snowflake and Alex’s remix of the same. The infectious beat and additional vocals make this remix an enjoyable listen.

Soul Wants To Grow

Aussens@iter’s guitar chord tapping accompaniment for Soul Wants to Grow brings out a expressive soulfulness in Snowflake’s voice that previous accompaniments have not. Very nice. Very moving.


Airtone mix of Lisa DeBenedictis “Travel light” is so well done that I am missing the words. A sound journey somewhere Ireland and Africa. The vocals are so well glued into the mix and every instrument placed so well.
Siobhan Dakay


Robbero nailed TexasRadioFish and The Concept of Energy together to make it a hot funky hiphop beat where you not really know if you shall layback or just move your body. Excellent use of the Samples included. That’s what ccMixter is about!
Siobhan Dakay

Blow up Santa

While for most people the seasons are a time of joy, happiness ans shopping sprees, there are those people that turn their frontyard into a public private Disn** World.
“Blow up Santa” is a pretty sad sounding song from somebody’s point of view who is no fried of that offensive happiness. Not a typical x-mas-song, but worth a listen or two. Or a dozen.


New age at its finest.”Crystalline-ElvenGlass DragonsFire” is a fantastic mix made by Xalpheric.
With SackJo22 and Queeniemusic on vocals the track is flowing like a slow river.
Stefan Kartenberg

All The World Drops Dead

Spinningmerkaba’s Halloween cinema soundtrack extravaganza is a must listen for “All the World Drops Dead” franchise fans. Watch the world drop dead at a theatre near you. Saturday, Sunday or Monday for sure!

Der Mond ist aufgegangen

Spinningmerkaba says: “A lullaby that will chill your bones. Even better that I don’t speak German. Super scary!”

Not safe for kids.


I am pleased to select pumpkinSoup by airtone ( @martynbloor) as my top editorial pick for the 2017 Ghost Notes Remix event. (Congratulations to all contributors for your imaginative offerings.)

pumpkinSoup caught my ear, and then my heart, because it expresses aspects of autumn and Halloween that are too often left unexplored in favor of more cliché sonic spookiness. Here we find instead a gently rolling electronica that conjures falling leaves, an atmosphere of off balance innocence, carefree wonder, benign mystery, and cardamom spice. Following an initial section of textured sound, an easy going ostinato emerges and supports several beautifully shaped techno themes. pumpkinSoup makes use of one CCMixter sample, a sustained, amplified event called Edge of Madness by PorchCat.

I hope to make use of this remix in a forthcoming film project. I believe it would also be an excellent addition to podcasts, games, or ambient playlists.
Christine Bush

A Dream Within A Dream

Aussens@iter’s cinematic masterpiece takes us on an intense, multi-layered Edgar Allan Poe journey narrated by Kara Square and accompanied by Keisuke Matsuno, Andreas Klein, Doxent Zsigmond and Abstract Audio. Grand Theater at it’s very finest!