Break the Silence Event-extended!

Editors' Picks

Expand Your Horizons

Revisit the 80s with Zep Hurme’s ultra-cool trance remix of spinningmerkaba. Snowflake makes the song take off with her vocal adds. Exciting collab. Positive lyrics. Just what we need.
Kara Square

Oni Przyszli

Listen to “Oni Przyszli”. A great polish and austrian cooperation.
Maybe you’ll be dancing on the table tops.
Stefan Kartenberg

No Better Noise

by: Speck
It’s not possible to get more edge on a funk track…it’ll leave scrapes and bruises on you if you’re not careful. Tough mix Speck, you nailed it!

shining lights

Relax inside Kris Skywork’s spatial soundscape and enjoy Lisa DeBenedictis’ magical voice. Huge sound!

Watching Other People's Holidays

Relax and breathe deep… This beautiful ambient track by Karstenholymoly features shimmering synths and mellow guitar by Javolenus. It’s the perfect backing track for nature time lapse videos.
Kara Square

Could be

If you like Dido, you’ll dig Could be. Polypus has remixed the beautiful pell by Jenny Mayhem that features Jesse Taylor — with a downtempo rhythm that won’t let go. Listen, and turn it up!

Too Close

“Too Close” is a heartbreaking ballad mixed by Dan_Mantau. Enjoy it and warm your heart to it.
Stefan Kartenberg

Urban Desert (Spartacus Reloaded)

A fantastic remix and an incredible journey of sound. It’s a perfect fit for a very cold day while sipping coffee and thinking of what the summer holds.

Martijn takes Javolenu’s Urban Desert and gives us an extended tour of the landscape.

Mana Junkie


Airtone made Daniloprates Bossa so warm as if in deed the summer starts in January. What a wonderful chill of jazz as if both together are some kind of Kings of Convenience. Smooth
Siobhan Dakay

A Thousand Songs Away

An excellent track that should be played while ringing in the New Year.
Mana Junkie

WWP 2017 (Here comes the Snow)

Get ready to DANCE! One Project’s trance mix takes Scomber’s expressive vocal cover of Loveshadow’s seasonal lyrics to the next level! Celebratory, dynamic, and perfect for your New Year’s Eve playlist.
Kara Square

Under The Tree (Ragtime Mix)

With inspiring contributions from André Phanfãs Love and Lena Orsa, Jason Brock (spinningmerkaba) has created a marvelously entertaining ragtime Christmas song that would have made Jimmy Durante proud. Merry Christmas, Mrs Calabash, wherever you are!

Free Birds

Time to ROCK & ROLL! Stefan Kartenberg’s driving remix of Anomaly Jonez‘s powerful vocals will get your head banging!
Kara Square

The Light

Garry Knight’s inaugural remix is a big soundscape electronic dance remix of Snowflake’s The Light that is sure to put a spring in your seasonally adjusted step. Listen and shake your body line!


Capturing the darkness of winter and reflecting on the passage of time, Stefan Kartenberg’s perfectly suited downtempo folk remix of Mr_Yesterday is a sensational seasonal contribution. Push play and take a moment to ponder.
Kara Square